It is the duty of an engineer to ensure that humans, crops, animals, farm property and the environment in general are protected by constructing sound, cost-effective and functional farm structures. Different loading types are put into consideration to ensure that the building provides maximum functioning. Usually, engineering design is usually required for specific components of the structure. There is so much that you are expected to put into consideration when constructing a farm building. This might include the total cost, the floor area and many more. Below is a look at some of the questions to ask yourself and things to put into consideration before taking up any agriculture building in Alberta:


Is the one building the farm building an experienced contractor?

It is safer to deal with a contractor who has undertaken and completed similar projects before. A builder who is experienced will follow the correct designing procedures, use proper connections, is familiar with the expected functioning of the building and most importantly, they are familiar with the current trends in building techniques. As such, it will be easy for them to handle all the complexities associated with construction and they will properly handle all your finishing and temporary bracing.


Are the plans or methods being used standard?

The building official will require you to produce a detailed plan if the proposed construction method is not understandable. To make the process easier, it is important to use components that can be easily designed by use of recognized design tables. You can also download the standard plans.


Check if the soil-bearing strength is similar to that in surrounding building sites.

It is advisable to use foundation and footing systems which have worked well in the same soil conditions. If you plan on using a shallow foundation, consult a building official beforehand. Have a soil expert determine the strength of the soil on your site and then recommend the best foundation to use.


How large is the floor area of your expected building?

It is more complicated to construct wider buildings as these carry large snow loads on the roof. It is very difficult to install large trusses even if the area does not get very windy. In this case, you will be required to have experts install your trusses and wall braces for you.


There is so much to put into consideration before undertaking any construction. Following the right procedures will help minimize chances of injury. Always consult a professional before undertaking any construction.