In context

The mandate of the Transition Committee (TDC) began on April 4, 2005, following the Community Forum held April 2 and 3, 2005 in Toronto. The members represent the various components of the community: two from ACFO, two fromthe DECCO and three community representatives, including one from the Francophone racial and ethnocultural minority community.

It is composed of the following seven members:

This committee was given the mandate to ensure the implementation of the model of political representation taking into account the recommendations made during the Community Forum.   Committee members participated in several meetings to guide the governance structure and develop ways to operationalize the transition of ACFO and the DECCO.

Each of the decisions and actions taken by the TDC should be governed by the following fundamental principles:

–        Cohesion

–        Democracy

–        Equity

–        Inclusion

–        Respect for diversity and the entire Francophone community of Ontario

–        Uniqueness.